Organizers: Per-Anders Blind (founder and president, Sweden), Francesco Zema (global director for No Limits Initiatives, Italy), Loïck Blouet (cultural director, France), Alejandra Calderon (Spain and United States), Confederation of Independent Football Associations; Years: 2013–present

CONIFA is the second-largest football or soccer organization in the world. With more than 60 teams and some 675 million people represented, CONIFA is composed of minority groups, stateless peoples, and organizations that are not affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (known globally as FIFA). Dedicated to inclusion and welfare through sport, CONIFA is politically neutral, but its games and tournaments provide opportunities for teams to elevate their cause on an international stage. With an aim to build bridges all over the world through friendship, culture, and sport, each player essentially acts as an ambassador for their people.


Image: Members of the Tamil Eelam and Darfur United (former CONIFA team) teams, 2014; Credit: CONIFA