Designer: Reparametrize Studio (Austria, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria); Location: Damascus, Syria; Years: 2017–present

Recoding Post-War Syria is a research and open-data platform that offers a new process for rethinking and revitalizing cities in the wake of conflict. After witnessing firsthand the destructive legacy of war in their own cities of Damascus, Syria, and Beirut, Lebanon, two architects propose a new methodology that fuses state-of-the-art technology and community participation to plan, design, and rebuild damaged post-conflict cities. Challenging typical rebuilding approaches that demolish entire neighborhoods, the studio aims to recycle the rubble and use existing functional buildings. Advanced 3D scanning and digital modeling of the destruction provides an accurate reconstruction plan.

Image: Concept rendering, 2019; Reparametrize Studio; Credit: © All rights reserved to Reparametrize Studio