Mapmakers: Former child combatants, family and community members of former child combatants; Collaborators: Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Eastern Congo Initiative (United States) with Appuià la Communication Interculturelle et à ľ Autopromotion Rurale, Association des Jeunes pour le Développement Intégré- Kalundu, CARITAS Bunia, Equipe d’Education et d’Encadrement des Traumatisés de Nyiragongo, Groupe ď Actions et ď Appui pour un Développement Endogène, Projet de réinsertion des enfants ex combattants et autres vulnerable—Hope in Action initiative (Democratic Republic of the Congo); Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Years: 2011–13

Body Mapping is a tool to help former child combatants—boys and girls that have been used and subjected to abuse and violence during a conflict—begin to heal and re-enter their communities. Together, the children with their family and community members illustrate various physical, psychological, and social effects of child soldiering on a life-sized outline of a human body. The body maps are filled with images and text about each participant’s experiences before, during, and after conflict. To spark conversations and contribute to the healing process, ten maps were made in seven communities within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, resulting in concrete recommendations.

Image: Body mapping workshop, 2011; Photo: Jocelyn Kelly