World Peace Symbol Poster Submissions

Based on his previous work designing social posters, in which he demonstrated that graphic design can be a tool in promoting tolerance and human rights, Benderski invited designers and artists from 15 countries—Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Peru, Poland, Spain, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela—to design a set of 33 posters using his hopeful mark. Here are three examples.

Submission from Uruguay


Designer: Rosana Malaneschii (Montevideo, Uruguay) Digital print on paper

Reproduced for exhibition 2022

The poster entitled Embroidering Life was inspired by the idea that “peace requires patient and permanent work, and its beginning is at home, embroidering life.”

The world peace symbol, a peace sign inside a simplified globe, is messily embroidered in red thread against a light blue, red, and white floral fabric, a still-threaded needle tucked beneath one stitch.

Submission from Ireland


Designer: Max Phillips (Dublin, Ireland) Digital print on paper

Reproduced for exhibition 2022

The poster designer noted that “hanging the world by a thread over a fiery abyss was a good way to describe our global situation.”

A curved line from the top of the poster is connected to a simplified globe with a peace sign at the center, giving the impression that the globe is swinging from a long string. This is set on a light blue background with a red gradient near the bottom.

Submission from Venezuela


Designer: Yabel Guerra (Medellín, Colombia) Digital print on paper

Reproduced for exhibition 2022

The intended design of this poster by a Venezuelan designer working in Colombia is to be “peaceful- aggressive. . . really dynamic in terms of color, graphic elements, and composition.”

Yellow flowers with spiky white centers made to look like paper cutouts are scattered across a black-and-white newspaper background. At the center of each flower is the world peace symbol, an outline of a globe with a peace sign in the center.
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