Ideas Box

A detailed diagram showing the progression between the transport, disassembly, and set-up of the Ideas Box modules.


Ideas Box is designed to be lightweight and durable to facilitate easy transport and movement. Each set of modules and storage units are shipped on two standard pallets.



Ideas Box modules

(Upper left, clockwise) Library module, Information Technology module, Cinema module, Management module



Customized to meet community needs, Ideas Box is easy to set-up and energy-independent. Within twenty minutes of unloading, users have access to a satellite internet connection, a digital server, a power generator, tablets and laptops, cameras, video screen, board games, art materials, books, and a stage for music and theatre.

Designer: Philippe Starck (France); Collaborators: Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (France), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); Locations: Australia, Bangladesh, Burundi, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Turkey, United States; Years: 2014 – present

Ideas Box is a portable library and pop-up multimedia center that can be easily shipped, is energy independent, and can be set up in 20 minutes. It was designed to be deployed to areas of hardship—refugee camps, isolated communities, underserved urban spaces, and remote Indigenous peoples’ land around the world. Each box’s contents are tailored to the community’s needs. Ideas Box has been distributed across six continents, offering free access to information, culture, and educational resources, which are key tools in promoting healing and building more tolerant communities.

Image: Ideas Box Modules Transport and Setup, 2014; Drawing by Philippe Starck (Paris, France); Credit: © BSF & Philippe Starck

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