Todd Siler

The WilliWear Artventure was one of the most inspiring projects I enjoyed contributing to. It was one that stood out over the blink of a few decades! Willi Smith saw a future that was greater than the advent of technology; he saw humanity!

Todd Siler (bottom center) poses with group holding his design for WilliWear Productions’ artist T-shirt series, 1984

A color photograph of a group of people holding signs. Five women stand holding posters with the design of the white tshirt, while one standing on the left wears the shirt. A man kneels in front holding another sign. The poster shows the white shirt on a striped background and over a purple box it reads "Artist T-Shirt".
White cotton T-Shirt featuring a screenprinted black and white drawing of a tree in the shape of a brain sitting above a galaxy

Todd Siler T-shirt design for WilliWear Productions, 1984

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