Miralda’s Dressing Tables

Willi Smith, Laurie Mallet, and Antoni Miralda stand over half painted table in the shape of pants

Smith was known for his hybrid cargo-harem pant design, which evolved from season to season. The “dressing table” shaped like the WilliWear pant was covered in ketchup and paired with shrimp.




The WilliWear jumpsuit table was covered in mayonnaise and paired with asparagus. Each table at the event had a special color code for drinks that were placed on small mirrors: red drink for chicken with mustard, green drink for asparagus and mayonnaise, blue drink for shrimp with ketchup. 


The WilliWear shirt table was covered in yellow mustard and paired with chickenThe boxy shape of the shirt echoed those that went down the runway in WilliWear’s Fall 1983 Street Couture presentation.


(From left to right) Miralda, Laurie Mallet, and Willi Smith oversee the preparation of the installation for the unforgettable after-party.


The afterparty was hosted at the SITE-designed WilliWear showroom at 209 West 38th Street, known for its monochrome gray interior constructed from street elements such as chainlink fences, bricks, and fire hydrants 


To celebrate his Coty Award win in September 1983, Willi Smith and Laurie Mallet commissioned Spanish food artist Antoni Miralda, known for installations such as Edible Landscape, Sangria, and Moveable Feast, to prepare a celebratory event in the WilliWear showroom. Miralda’s Dressing Tables included three stations shaped like a WilliWear jumpsuit, pant, and shirt. Each was covered with a dressing—mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise—and a signature drink. Upon arrival, guests were given "mini-couture boxes" containing chicken, shrimp, and asparagus to dip into a complementary condiment.

Miralda, Laurie Mallet, and Willi Smith installing *Dressing Tables*. Photographed by Marta Sentís, 1983

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